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12/18/08 11:39:46AM
The UFC had a special night this past week where we put on a fight card for the soldiers of Ft. Bragg. The entire night was to highlight traumatic brain injuries and to raise money for the intrepid fallen heroes fund. They’re trying to raise enough money to build a state of the art treatment center for all of these soldiers that are coming back with the Iraq and Afghanistan wars. Apparently, because technology has improved and they’ve created better armor, more soldiers are surviving, but they’re coming home alive but with severe brain injuries. How many? Well that’s where it just gets ******* crazy, according to a recent Rand Corporation report 19% of returning service members report that they experienced a possible traumatic brain injury while 20% of them report having major depression or post traumatic stress disorder.
Those are some ******* incredible numbers. 20% is something like 300,000 people, and that’s on top of the thousands that have died. The size of the tragedy is almost unimaginable.

12/18/08 2:51:45PM
that was actually a great read. i agree 100% with basically everything he said.
12/19/08 6:11:26PM
Great read. Rogan is the man and everything he said was spot on.
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