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8/9/08 12:03:54AM
I've been watching some of his standup lately and he's funny as hell. Anybody else think he's hilarious?
8/9/08 12:15:56AM
his standup is pretty funny.

i loved it when he completely destroyed any credibility Carlos Mencia had though. that was greeat
8/9/08 12:17:36AM
I do. Its Hilarious when he handles hecklers, if you havent seen any of them i suggest watching some (youtube, just type Joe Rogan Heckler).
8/9/08 12:19:32AM
Yeah, he's comedic gold, I laugh at all of his stuff.

Escpecially his newest CD, haha the Jim Brown impersonations "Ba-da-bow he'sa tappin' out". & "He's got full mount, instinctively I'd been looking for a blunt object like a lamp or a book end."
8/9/08 12:20:23AM
He's very good at pretending that he's not as smart as he really is (that's meant to be a compliment - it frees him up to do a lot with his material).

Very good comedian. I like that he treats comedy like an art form.
8/9/08 12:41:00AM
love when he jokes about terrorist yhats some funny shit.
8/9/08 12:41:18AM
And he;s really Good about handling Joke Stealers I always laugh when I see him roast on Carlos Men-Stealing (Mencia)
8/9/08 12:43:15AM
There is a link out there on Youtube where he destroys Mencia in front of him and an audience. It is f'n hilarious.
8/9/08 11:01:29AM
8/9/08 4:28:04PM
Seen Rogan in London the night before UFC 85. He was amazing!! Ive been to watch a few comedians and he was one of the best Ive seen. If you get the chance to see him live then take it..
8/9/08 7:16:58PM
ya I saw him live, that dude is tha man.
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