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7/6/08 9:55:43AM
did anyone else hear joe rogan compare chris lytles cut to a goats vagina.
7/6/08 10:02:30AM
7/6/08 10:10:00AM
I spit my beer allover the coffee table
7/6/08 11:03:51AM
you got it a bit wrong, Goldie compared Lytle's cut to marvin eastmans cut (when he fought Vitor) But Rogan said no way, its not as bad...he than said Eastmans cut(against Vitor) looked like a goats vagina

and than Goldie says, "you said that, i didnt"

one of the funniest things Rogan has ever said, i fell out of my chair when he said that.

7/6/08 12:48:51PM
I am the only one who heard that and had to repeat it for everyone else at my house.

Of course I had to keep repeating it all night just for the fun of it.

My question is: How does City boy Rogan know what a Goat Vagina looks like. I guesse the statement What Happens in Vegas......
7/6/08 12:59:44PM
Yeah it was Eastman's famous cut from Belfort but yea That was takin a little to far by Rogan
7/6/08 1:25:16PM
he also said Tyson griffins a future hall of famer
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