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7/24/14 11:47:32AM
Mike Rhodes is injured, and according to a report, the UFC has brought back long time MMA vet Joe Riggs to step in.

7/24/14 12:23:36PM
I thought he was definitely bellator sense he won their show.
7/24/14 12:44:20PM
Ha-ha! Bellator really proving their a brand not worth investing your time in from a fighter's standpoint. This is Dana's big middle finger to them, "hey look, he wins your reality show and we take em back."
7/24/14 12:58:20PM
Wins TUF: Bellator Edition, and goes over to the UFC right after.
I think Thiago finally gets back into the win column on this one though.
7/24/14 1:22:04PM
Pretty surprising Riggs is back, but he did look good on the show and is still only 31 years old. Plus even though he's likely past his prime he's still better than like one third of the welterweights in the UFC right now. He'll probably out wrestle Thiago to a decision here.
7/24/14 1:42:13PM
thats how i see it. he really appears to have got him self back on tract. i wouldn't be surprised if Joe shuts Paulo down and wins a UD.
7/24/14 2:05:42PM
Wow, I forgot Riggs was only 31. He's been around for so long I thought he would have been a little older than that. Anyways, this is definitely a winnable fight for him. He could use his strong wrestling to grind out the decision here.
7/24/14 2:43:19PM
Excellent, my boy Paulo "angry George Harrison" thiago wins this and keeps his job.
7/24/14 3:20:42PM
I won't pick Riggs
7/24/14 3:55:49PM
It occurred to me just now that there is no "smart" pick in this fight. Picking Thiago after going 2-6 recently and looking as bad as he has, would be kinda dumb. He is very marketable, but he just isnt that good, so they keep trying to find guys he can beat but they dont exist in the UFC. Riggs has enough red flags to get Turkish citizenship, but he is the safer bet here IMO.
7/24/14 5:59:58PM
Pretty sick throw back fight actually
7/25/14 7:37:56AM
Nice to see him back. This just shows how disappointed Bellator was in its own reality show. I'm sure they were hoping some "young gun" would blast a UFC vet out and create more hype but in vice versa Joe won!

I wonder why he isn't under contract with them as he hasn't even lost yet? Anyway, I actually think Joe will knock him out. Paulo just isn't the same anymore. The Diego and Kampman fights really ruined him.