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3/25/09 11:42:27PM
A rumored match up between welterweight bout between Joe Riggs and Phil Baroni appears to be a very good possibility for a Strikeforce card that is tentatively set for June.

3/26/09 10:54:42AM
i see riggs ko'n baroni......equal power but riggs has better boxing skills by far...chins are about the same...bjj id actually give to riggs for the first time ever...wrestling almost even, but with a slight edge to baroni.....tale of two fighters that have had moments but just cant seem to put theyre whole package together....should be a great fight if it develops
3/26/09 3:16:01PM
I'd have to go with Riggs in this fight.He would be 1/2 again as big as Baroni,has better wrestling,better BJJ,and crisper striking.Baroni will have the faster hands for the first minute of the bout,that's about it.

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