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9/11/07 9:50:52PM
The Fight Network is reporting, Joe “Diesel” Riggs has asked WEC promoters to release him from the remainder of his contract, so he can pursue a better contract with Strikeforce. Apparently Riggs has signed a contract with Strikeforce to fight on the September 29, Playboy Manson Card. He will likely be fighting for the Strikeforce welterweight title against 41 year old Eugene Jackson.

9/11/07 9:55:43PM
He has a Wayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy better chance to win the titile at Srikeforce

Good move on his part although I would love to see him in the UFC again

9/11/07 10:45:18PM
I agree... he does have a chance to beat a 40 + year old champ...there is only 1 Couture!
9/11/07 10:45:33PM
He probably just wants to go to the playboy manison, lucky bastard.
9/11/07 11:41:17PM
Riggs should destroy Jackson. Nice move for him. I would we could see Elite XC and Strikeforce merge. That'd make for good competition for Zuffa.
9/12/07 10:27:13AM
Good move on Riggs part, but Jackson is more than game. He had a few years off and now he's back to his winning ways in strikeforce. As far as the UFC and Riggs
goes he was a huge disapointment more than capable but never lived up to the hype against top of the food chain competitors besides one good win over Joe Doerksen and decision over Diaz he failed to be who he was supposed to be.
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