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3/25/09 11:38:15PM
“(Expletive) Jake Shields’ (expletive) (expletive),” Riggs said. “I have done enough in this sport to be (expletive) treated with a certain amount of respect, and to talk about me like I am a (expletive) Pat Smith or Tank Abbott…For one, I am like six years younger than that punk (expletive) (expletive). So, (expletive) him. People forget that I am (expletive) 25.

3/25/09 11:46:50PM
Say what you will about the Diesel, but in a lot of ways he's right. He's just saying it like it is. No matter how brash he sounds.

People do forget how young Joe is. He's had some rough miles, but I believe he's got time to grow still. He is also right when he says that he's faced the best competition available to him. I mean, at his age, to have amassed a record win or lose boasting the names it does, that's saying something. Those names might not mean as much now, but when he fought those guys they were the best available.

Anyway, I'd love to see him get that fight. I hope he KTFO's Baroni.
3/26/09 11:15:05AM
I would be tempted to pick riggs against shields or atleast bank some money on him.

But dont worry, lawler will expose shields or maybe not expose but tko shields.

Riggs is another guy that im shocked with how many fights he has and how young he is, like with guillard.
3/26/09 12:55:25PM
Joe Riggs is a 33 year old 25 year old.

Same as Karo.

When you mistreat your body and fight that fast you go bye bye fast.
3/27/09 3:46:06AM
i hope he gets his shot at shields one day and knocks him out.
props to joe riggs for telling it how it is.
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