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8/8/12 12:08:38AM

After choking former champion Jamie Varner out on network television Saturday night and winning two bonus checks (for submission of the night and fight of the night in the process), UFC lightweight Joe Lauzon had plenty to celebrate afterwards but chose to leave the hard partying to others.

"I felt good in between rounds but afterwards there is always such an emotional dump and adrenaline dump that I'm drained," Lauzon said in an interview with Yahoo!.
8/8/12 2:09:41AM
joe is a killer. i guess i never realized that he has finished every opponent in his 22 wins. i dont know how you couldnt like this guys fights. i do think that if varner would have had a full camp it might have went a different way. i though varner had won the 1st, lost the 2nd, and was winning the 3rd when he got choked. it is what it is, but i would like to see that fight again when varner has a full camp, 2 weeks wasnt enough
8/8/12 2:46:26AM
He really needs to fix that second round dump somehow and that will only make him better.
8/8/12 4:28:42AM
Eleven fight night bonuses, damn, are they all $50K? Half a million bucks for being exciting, win/win if you ask me
8/8/12 12:07:13PM
was sitting near his fiance and her mom
she seems very excited and jumping up and down when joe fought
she wants the bling!!
8/8/12 4:07:22PM
Not all are 50K, depends on the size of the Event, I.E. Fight Nights I think were 40k? PPV 65K? T.V. 50k?

Regardless he has a lot of money, and earned it! I just wish Jamie had a full fight camp.
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