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9/29/09 6:40:58AM
Joe Lauzon's UFC return from major knee surgery apparently will come much sooner than expected. Originally expected to be out until at least Spring 2010, he's now on track to return at UFC 108 on January 2 against Sam Stout pending signing of fight agreements.

9/29/09 9:28:44AM
AWESOME FIGHT! I'll say Joe takes in.
9/29/09 9:52:37AM
Lauzon wins this via choke.
9/29/09 10:02:26AM
Damnit! it's a good fight for sure but i was hoping for an easy stout win, wich wouldve happened with his past 2 opponents IMO. Still War Stout though
9/29/09 10:49:26AM
going for Stout as always, hope this is on the main card
9/29/09 11:26:30AM
Gotta go with J-Lau, should be a good fight though either way.
9/29/09 12:25:53PM
Man, Joe silva has been on his A-game lately...ANother great match-up.

I'd say this fight depends on whether or not Lauzon can take this to the ground, as this is another Striker vs. grappler match-up.

I think lauzon CAN get it to the ground, which is why I'll pick Lauzon for this one, but If Stout keeps it upright, I can see him winning this.
9/29/09 1:39:41PM
Lauzon has only lost to Kenny Flo, this will be another rung on the ladder for JLau to inch closer to the top of 155
9/29/09 8:59:26PM
I like both these guys, should be great!! I think J-Lau has the advantage with his reach and ground skills but lookout, Stout is no chump.
9/29/09 9:05:20PM
i like the fight i gotta go with j lau by sub
9/29/09 10:40:15PM
Sam hasn't been subbed in like 3-4 years....however he does still have a problem with A level BJJ guys. I would have to go with Lauzon by Dec.
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