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8/1/09 9:06:19AM
A recent editorial (July 29) in The Boston Globe likening MMA to "televised human dogfighting" in repsonse to recent efforts by Massachusetts & New York to legalize MMA has, not surprisingly, drawn the ire of some within the MMA community. UFC fighter Joe Lauzon, in response to this article, wrote his own article/editorial piece in response to this editorial and posted it on his website,

8/1/09 12:34:49PM
Really is a great article.

I didn't read the orginal article he's replying to but having read this kind of mindless bum-dribble time and again I'd bet serious money Joe's was a hell of a lot more professionally written.

Well done J-Lau, crap nick name or not you're a bad ass and I look forward to your next fight once you're all healed up.

8/1/09 1:23:40PM

Posted by dangerfield

Well done J-Lau, crap nick name or not you're a bad ass...

LOL, word.

Should have listened to B.J., Creepy Joe would have been so much better.
8/1/09 5:57:28PM
I guess this guy just found out about MMA when he was flipping channels and hit a strikeforce card. The claims of MMA being dog fighting might have mattered a few years ago, but as far as I'm concerned it is mainstream and writers like this are a small minority. Most of the writers/companies that were discounting the sport a few years ago have realized it isn't going away and have started designing games, hosting cards on network television, broadcasting updates, etc.

It has a long way to go until it is at the point of football, baseball, and other sports, but it seems pretty clear that MMA is here to stay now and people are going to have to get used to it whether they like it or not. No one really cares what two-bit boston globe writers think about it. The most they will accomplish is a feeling of moral superiority for themselves and their small collection of ignorant readers seeking reassurance in their unfounded opinions.

I think at this point it is giving them too much credit to even respond to them. It gives a sense that they are saying something somehow relevant. If someone writes a column saying football is barbaric and should be outlawed, no one would even bother to acknowledge it, they would just discount it as stupidity unless they already held that opinion to begin with. That's what needs to happen with these people. They need to be ignored to show that their opinions are so baseless as to not even warrant a response. Any publicity is good publicity, so don't give writers like this any more readers than they already have. Ignore them.
8/2/09 7:33:48AM
What I did a couple years ago was write a letter back to the author of the article and cc it to the editor of the newspaper. The main focus of my letter was how the author of the article was practically committing libel by stating incorrect things as fact, not opinion. There has not been a bad article in that newspaper since, in fact a few positive articles have been written. The sports writer that trashed MMA is no longer featured in that paper either (though I don't think it had much if anything to do with my letter).
8/2/09 1:47:50PM
Joe's reply was excellent, he could not have done it any better. He makes less grammatical mistakes than most professional writers and backs up his opinions very well with good facts.
8/2/09 3:20:10PM
good read, now i don't mind if a person doesn't like the sport of mma, because lets be honest it's still a fringe sport. But, at least research the topic and know something about the sport before you bash it in print. Kudos for putting his name behind the story but it was clearly the work of an uninformed guy, which upsets me because it makes me think it won't get a fair shake in the mainstream media .
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