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2/9/09 3:54:25PM
Not sure exactly where he ranks, but wanting to face fellow contenders, Lauzon had a suggestion for his next match-up: his fellow cast member from "The Ultimate Fighter 5," Nate Diaz.

2/9/09 3:57:31PM
Sweet. I was hoping to see Mac vs Nate but Mac loosing to Neer has put that on the back burner. This would be a sick fight though.
2/9/09 4:09:03PM
The Diaz fight would be an excellent match.....That would be a hard one to call....
2/9/09 4:31:26PM
tough fight to call.....depends on were the fight goes......diaz's boxing is underated, its very technically sound (both diazs for that matter).....he has a definitive reach, but his takedown defense is a little subpar....lauzon comes in somewhat like guida does with smothering attack, and diaz stuggled with guida, so that might be problem....lauzons boxing is decent (apparently he's got instructional dvds on the subject), hung in there good with bradley on the feet too.....on the ground its tough to call....on one hand you have lauzon who is relentless with his attacks and showed vastly improved technique in his last fight but he goes more for control then submissions...on the other hand diaz is relentless with his ground game as well, but in way were he doesnt stop coming with submissions and throws control out the window, which for him works.....gas tank id give to diaz since hes never shown problems, and all excuses aside, lauzon has....chin definitly goes to the end i think lauzon would slow a bit and make the one sloppy move that diaz can catch on the ground......i dont see too much going on the feet
2/9/09 5:09:26PM
Great match up I think that this has fireworks written all over it. I feel like Diaz is a better puncher and has a longer reach but I believe Lauzon has a much better wrestling game and they are both versed in submission I believe if Lauzon can avoid the submission he will pull off the unanimous decision!!!
2/9/09 5:40:14PM
War Lauzon!!
2/9/09 5:41:35PM
Yea, Lauzon verses Nate would be pretty sweet, after they fight I still want to see him fight Hermes.
2/9/09 5:47:25PM
I want to see Joe fight Diaz-that's the fight I was hoping (and expecting) to see on TUF 5.That should be a very entertaining and very competitive fight.

Joe shouldn't lobby too hard for a fight with Hermes Franca.That's an absolutley horrible matchup for Joe.

2/10/09 7:41:08AM
Although a fight with Nate would be awesome. I want to see Joe fight Franca now. After all the smack talk it has to be his next match. I would definetally be picking Franca in that match too.
2/10/09 9:18:55AM
I would rather see Joe fight Franca as well but don't see it happening bc there's no promo behind it.
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