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12/12/07 9:15:50AM


Adam Morgan: Yeah, I saw you had some pictures posted up on The Underground Forum where it said you were at roughly 185 about 48 hours out from the fight. Is that true?

Joe Lauzon: That was a big joke. My brother and my roommate Brandon were in the hotel lobby and they heard Reinhardt was getting a little scared, you know, “Joe’s running around at 185! He’s so big!” and all this other stuff. So they started talking like “Oh, I can’t believe Joe’s 185. It’ll be a tough cut but he’ll make it.” So we just sort of ran with it to play on his paranoia a little bit.

Too funny
12/12/07 9:24:11AM
I love this kid. I can't wait to watch his next fight.
12/12/07 11:16:47AM
haha this guy is awesome
12/12/07 11:51:39AM
Hold on a second, why did they switch socks and shorts... Couldn't his brother just press down on his shoulders or something?
12/12/07 12:16:05PM

Adam Morgan: So basically what you’re telling me is that you pulled a professional troll job on the Underground?

Joe Lauzon: Always, always.

Awesome. This is almost as good as the time he called out Karo.
Joe is such a keyboard warrior at heart.
12/12/07 2:15:23PM
Hes got a good sense of humor, thats for sure..
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