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1/3/08 8:50:10PM

Thats pretty much all i need to know in order to be in line at 12AM the day this comes out
1/3/08 8:57:51PM
Ya I saw Joe at 79 and the day before walking around Mandalay with a couple of his friends. Of course my fellow MA native took the time to talk to me, reall mellow guy.

And as for the UFC game i can't wait, wish Joe had given a little more insight...
1/3/08 9:31:30PM
I cant wait for this game!!
Definately getting it the day it comes out.
1/3/08 10:16:48PM
Lauzon's beazy ain't half bad lookin either!
1/3/08 11:17:16PM
does anybody know when the game is coming out?
1/3/08 11:56:44PM
I just wanna see some ingame screenshots, All we got is Rampage and Chuck in CG, Cant wait for this one
1/4/08 11:17:09AM

Posted by DevonFoxy


Thats pretty much all i need to know in order to be in line at 12AM the day this comes out

Can't wait to tap out Tim Sylvia with J-Lau.

1/4/08 3:50:41PM
I cant wait for this game, cant believe they showed somewhat of what he is going to look like,,, i hope the movement in this game is very realistic, very smooth... And when u get punched, like i mean rocked, u drop and try to regain consciosnous.... and he have waves going across ur cheeks... i also really want the Tapout control on their, choose if u want to tapout or not tapout... say if ur put in a Rear Naked Choke, u have a choice to make try to get out hoping ur opponent gets tired and lets go, or go to sleep, or say ur in an armbar on career, and u dont tap ur arm breaks and ur out of competiition for a while.... i hope its almost like superstar mode in NFL... Get ur popularity up, go in movies, train, everything... This game is gonna be crazy!!!1
1/4/08 3:58:34PM
The first minute it comes out im getting it and going to play it nonstop til UFC 2010 comes out!!!!
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