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4/16/10 8:21:19PM
If he has his way, Boston-area UFC star Joe Lauzon will next fight at UFC 118, likely to be August 28 in Boston. Opponent TBA but J-Lau says he could get the winner of Jeremy Stephens-Sam Stout set for UFC 113, which could setup a rematch from 108 when Stout beat Lauzon.

4/16/10 8:43:40PM
pointless to me considering he already subbed stephens and lost to stout

give him... kurt pellegrino or clay guida !!

theyre both coming off wins, i know

okay okay, give him joe daddy... he's coming off a loss... or howbout mark bocek? he looked great against jim miller
4/17/10 1:35:54AM
Lauzon facing the winner of stout/stephens doesnt make sense since he fought both recently(those were his last two fights). Also why would lauzon get to face the winner, when he is coming off a loss(to stout).

Maybe Bocek, idk if danzig has a fight coming up(oh looks like he does against wiman), steve lopez, gunderson.

Im thinking like a tune up fight for lauzon and then he faces Dos Anjos.
4/17/10 10:40:06AM
I doubt he makes main card more like spike tv prelim
Probably face a jim miller or dos anjos
I would like to see him face clay guida
4/17/10 11:32:52AM
well if lauzon faced one of those 3 guys I would hope it would be on the main card.
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