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7/6/07 12:16:46AM
Joe sent this bulletin out on MySpace, thought it was kind of funny:

According to the Rabid-Squirrel-Britanica...

Joe Lauzon (mammal). Scientific name "Internetis Geekis."- A Joe Lauzon is a feral beast that lives in the East Bridgewater/Quincy region of Massachusetts. The Joe Lauzon's diet consists of mashed potatoes, thirty ounce steaks, ice cream cake and electroncs. Although evasive and very rare, in recent times sightings have rapidly increased in UFC venues and near computers. If you encounter a Joe Lauzon in the wild please DO NOT APPROACH IT! It will likely hear you coming from miles away but if you do manage to get near one, you could be badly maimed or killed. According to UFC president Dana White, a Joe Lauzon will "rip your F@#$king head off!!!" so watch out for that. You would do best to observe the Joe Lauzon from a distance giving him a "good fight" or "keep up the good work." These quick and distant compliments are the best way to go with a Joe Lauzon unless you have a sweet rack in which case you and only you are safe to hand feed a Joe Lauzon.

EDIT: this poster I made during the season seems fitting now:

7/6/07 12:25:21AM
Ahh Joe Lauzon. Could be the best prospect coming out of TUF. Definitely steps up his game when its time for a fight. The man is dangerous on the ground and as Pulver found out he isn't horrible in stand up my favorite fighter personally. "Joe Lauzon looks a geeky computer kid but this kid will rip you ******* head off!!!" is probably the best line from TUF I've heard and makes me crack up laughing every time because its so true.
7/6/07 1:04:48AM
I approve this message
7/6/07 1:06:10AM
lauzon will be champ one day, hes a beast
7/6/07 7:33:43AM
If we all remember though, Lauzon KOed Pulver, so we all know he aint know punk...
7/6/07 10:41:09AM
Damn, Joe is the man. Great fighter, humble and personable with fans. Awesome. Still think he needs a better nickname though. As long as we're on topic, here is a motivational poster in tribute to Joe I made for another site. Here's hoping we see him in the lightweight division for a long time to come.

EDIT: D'oh! Original was too big, here is a modified version, and the original link is LINK
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7/6/07 10:50:14AM
Lauzon is awesome, imo he will go further than anyone else off TUF5, further even than Manny or Nate.
7/6/07 12:23:49PM
Apparently Joe liked my poster because he just sent out another bulletin just for it.
7/6/07 1:02:41PM
I expect big things from Joe Lauzon
7/6/07 2:17:35PM
Lauzon is a beast, he is definitly the future of UFC. I read that when he posted it on myspace and couldn't stop laughin
7/8/07 9:51:30PM
Joe Lauzon is definitely good for the UFC. Goes against all the stereotypes that go along with the sports.
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