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7/29/09 4:13:32AM
Here is Joe daddy's response to Aoki's recent comments saying how he wanted Nate Diaz to win against Joe Daddy so the UFC would cut him and he would go to dream..

Why is aoki down playing me!
Aoki is a spectacular fighter can he beat me no. Game over it is all style

7/29/09 4:14:58AM
here is more:

Aoki said in a interview that he hoped I lost agents Nate so he and I could dance. When I heard that I was honored and smiled, however after reading more I'm confused. To say I'm a mid level fighter and then say you would like to fight me is just silly. He does wear some odd spandex pants, maybe the are affecting his judgment. More to come at the beach today. Peace
7/29/09 5:13:52AM
hahaha, funny reactions from Joe.

I think Aoki would submit him fairly easily to be honest.
7/29/09 7:58:34AM

Posted by Aether

hahaha, funny reactions from Joe.

I think Aoki would submit him fairly easily to be honest.

Easily??? Joe is really good grappling I would pick Aoki but easily I don't know.
7/29/09 8:09:11AM
i was surprised it took this long for him to comment, i was a little surprised by what aoki said when this first came out too.
7/29/09 8:12:51AM
I think Joe would knock him out pretty quick tbh.
7/29/09 11:25:22AM

Posted by Aaronno9

I think Joe would knock him out pretty quick tbh.

haha, i would hope.
7/29/09 12:01:10PM
I know aoki's style is hated by many but also loved by others. i'm personally not a big fan of it, but why fix it if it aint broken. IMO the key to beating this guy is kinda simple, when he goes on his back just freaking move away, backpedal, do what you gotta do, don't play into his game...he WANTS you to try and lay some ground n' pound. His standup is sloppy, B level at best IMO (and im being nice here), do like saku did, stand and attempt to rock the guy and when you know he's dazed and only when your sure he is, move in for the kill and DO NOT stop t'ill the ref calls it. Now the question would be could Daddy accomplish such thing... i wouldnt think so.
7/29/09 12:53:52PM
uh oh, he insulted the pants... please. anything but the pants. take my eyes, but not the pants.
7/29/09 1:38:01PM
I think if they ever fought, I'd lean towards Aoki, notihng against Stevenson though.
7/29/09 2:14:04PM
I am a very big fan Joe Stevenson but I think Aoki is just too good for him. Joe is stronger but Aoki is just so good with his jiu jitsu. I just don't see Joe winning this matchup.
7/29/09 2:26:42PM
Aoki is a moron. Why is he even talking about UFC fighters and hoping they'd lose? I honestly think if Aoki fought Stevenson, Stevenson would win. He's the better striker and he could grapple enough not to get submitted. I also don't hink Aoki could take Stevenson down. Stevenson is a strong 155er.
7/29/09 3:25:26PM
this tells me that aoki is interested in the ufc's lightweight division, someone tell lorenzo to make another "un-refusable offer"

another thing if aoki thinks joe is a mid level fighter, why would he call him out, he must not have enough faith in himself to test the upper levels of the ufc lightweight div.
7/29/09 5:42:55PM
gotta maybe go with Joe daddy if this were to go down
7/29/09 7:20:34PM
aoki would sub him quicker than ken flo did
7/29/09 7:25:44PM
Joe would have to use his wrestling defensively and keep the fight standing. Aoki would have the reach but Joe has better striking. Aoki is like a boa constricter on the ground, just avoid grappling and watch for the flying triangle.
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