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12/31/07 1:32:04AM
I really want to work in the industry ideally representing fighters as their agent. But right now I'm just trying to get a footing in the industry over the summer does anyone have any good ideas for how to get started in the mma industry to pad your resume.????
12/31/07 3:23:40AM
My advise would be to start at small shows representing yourself and going to gyms and scouting fighters and represent them.
12/31/07 10:41:03AM
It wouldn't hurt to have a good sum of money stashed away either.From my limited experince in talking to fighters and such,the best agent is normaly the guy heading the gym.Were my brother trained his teacher got guys in King Of The Cage and the IFC fairly easy.Soley on the basis of being in the business for quiet some time and through knowing a network of fighters.I suggest reading some info on becoming an agent and if your not already,maybe start going to a gym and talking to whoever heads it.Go to little events and such and just talk to the people who organize that kind of stuff.
12/31/07 12:00:44PM
Don't forget all the good agents have really big fountains
12/31/07 2:06:04PM
Go to a good school with a reputation and get a business degree of some sort that's relevant to the whole sports agent gig. From there get on at a firm with a reputation in the buisness where you can learn ropes etc. And like mrsmiley said, as son as your in the field just start scouting and building relationships with promising young fighters. It's a complicated job, but with good teachers and some time and experience it could definitely pay off given how the sports continues to grow. Best of luck man.
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