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POLL: Should the UFC sign him?
yes 92% (12)
no 0% (0)
don't care.... 8% (1)
8/8/07 1:42:23PM
anybdy heard new about him lately???? Know for what org he will be fighting for??

i would love to see him in the ufc's lightweight division, i think he would be a very solid addition, and i could see him as a champ......
8/8/07 1:56:40PM
i wud like to see hellboy in a cage i mean he seems to be talked abot much less now but i still wud like to see him against some good LW's
8/8/07 2:03:39PM
I would love to see J.Hanson in the UFC. That would definately make things in the LW division more interesting. In his first fight give him a top-5 LW. Not Sherk, obviously (he may get suspended), but against Florian (cause he finishes fights!! ) or against someone else like Stevenson or even Penn, if he stays at LW (which I hope he does, but I think he wants revenge on Hughes and GSP).
8/8/07 3:35:58PM
There's absolutely no reason a guy with his skills should be sitting on the shelf this long...

Damn them for cancelling this years LWGP ...

I love the intro he gets too... "The Nightmare from Norway... The Striking Viking... Joachim "Hellboy" Hansen!"... Mauro's the shit
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