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7/21/08 1:07:29PM
So after last night (more so this morning), Eddie challenged the winner of the GP to fight him for the title, and Hansen said he would like to defend the Title against Alvarez, as for now it seems to be a sure thing that this fight will happen in the near future.

So, who do you takes the fight the second time around?
7/21/08 1:15:39PM
gotta go w/ my boy alvarez
7/21/08 1:24:05PM
7/21/08 1:33:45PM
Alvarez should beat Hansen, then i want to see Alvarez fight Aoki.
7/21/08 1:36:56PM
Eddie got injured, Hell boy won the grand prix, cant believe he beat my boy aoki
7/21/08 1:37:47PM
Alvarez surprised me in the first fight, and got me thinking that hansen took him a little lightly... But after seeing him take care of Kawajiri, I am convinced this dude is the man... I think it'd be another great fight, but I don't see Eddie really losing to anyone at 160
7/21/08 1:59:03PM
Alvarez should easily get the win like he did before, but part of me is gonna be rooting for Hellboy.. i about shat myself when i saw earlier that he beat Aoki. if he beat Aoki in the rematch, anything is possible... but i just dunno, Eddie is the man
7/21/08 2:15:56PM
Gotta go with Hellboy via 2nd Round Armbar, he almost caught him once and he could do it again but Finish it
7/21/08 2:22:01PM
This should be another great fight. Of course Alvarez should be the favorite heading into the rematch, but you can't ever count Hellboy out.

The last two Alvarez fights (Hansen/Kawajiri) had some of the most exciting action I've seen all year. Alvarez has upped his stock enormously during this LW GP, and easily had the toughest road with Dida, Hellboy, and Crusher.
7/21/08 2:42:05PM
I think i will take eddie. that guy just keeps impressing me.
7/21/08 3:28:44PM
You saw what hansen did to aoki in a rematch, and many believed aoki outclassed him the first time, so i gotta go with hansen in the rematch.
7/21/08 3:54:38PM
i'll go with hansen.. his only weakness i see is that he's too comfortable with being on his back, while thats ok against weaker opponents, eddie's wrestling will nullify his JJ
7/21/08 4:10:41PM
I'd be pulling for Alvarez, for sure.
7/21/08 5:18:07PM
well I would be up in the aie I would go with hellboy here but I do wan't to see Alvarez vs Akoi Beats show was saved for last this weekend mad props to dream
7/21/08 7:30:10PM
Iam gonna have to go with Alvarez. He has looked very impressive as of late. Hansen is no joke, but after watching the first fight, and then Eddie backing it up last night, he is the real deal.
7/21/08 7:30:36PM
Eddie is on such a rush right now he would definably be the favorite. Hansen is always game so a rematch would be at least as good as their 1st. I gotta take Eddie...was a fan before all his Dream fights....way bigger fan now.
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7/22/08 1:59:27AM
very smart move on EliteXC's part on letting Alvarez fight in this tournament... his stock has risen considerably. You know Elite has to have big plans for him now... I would love to see him fight the winner of KJ Noons vs. Nick Diaz for the 160 lb. EliteXC Championship.

I think Alvarez takes the Dream LW championship in the rematch with Hansen.

Now it's time for Dream to live up to their end of the deal and let Elite feature some of their good fighters.
7/22/08 3:51:10AM
I was so pissed when Eddie announced he wasnt able to fight in the finals. I picked him to win after the first round. I think the first fight was close and i want tro see Alvarez win but its too close to call right now. I would love to see him win and then face Aoki. He is a monster.
7/23/08 3:12:21AM
Alvarez will finish Hansen this time. Round 1 KO
7/23/08 12:02:24PM

Posted by RMFG_187

Alvarez will finish Hansen this time. Round 1 KO

That's exactly what I was going to say.
7/24/08 10:04:56AM
I may bea little bias beingh from philly but i think eddie could easily take him if he werenty injured he would be drteam lw tournament champ
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