JLB vs. Hunt - Why Are We Picking It?

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7/17/08 9:19:42PM
The fight is a kickboxing match, why are we picking it on an MMA site?
7/17/08 10:49:33PM
That fight was scratched because JLB pulled out because of an injury, the site just hasnt updated it yet.

and No it wasnt a kickboxing match, its was going to be an MMA fight. Both came from K1, but Hunt stated that he would stay strictly with MMA and it was set to be an MMA fight, shouldnt be a surprise since JLB was going to fight Mirko in an MMA match anyways.
7/18/08 3:40:57AM
My bad, I was informed it was going to be a "special rules" match that was basically kickboxing with 4oz gloves.
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