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4/19/10 1:23:32PM
It's a rainy weekend here in Norman, Oklahoma and the talk of the town is the OKC Thunder who play the LA Lakers later today in game one of their NBA playoff series. The grill's hot so let's start cooking...

Strikeforce on CBS was an interesting TV show Saturday night that I watched live and then watched again later in the evening. Was Strikeforce the most compelling MMA TV show that I can remember seeing in the past few weeks? No. Was I sorry that I watched it? Absolutely not.

The talk of the show, which one can assume that some novice, MMA fans likely thought was lackluster, was the post main event brawl that no one saw coming as evidenced by how it was shot by CBS and by how the broadcasters reacted.

Mayhem Miller seemed to go into business for himself when he stepped into the cage to confront Middleweight Champion Jake Shields who had just won a unanimous 5 round decision over heavily favored challenger Dan Henderson. The act of making a challenge wasn't indictable but the overreaction of Shields' camp to Millers grandstand ploy was not desirable.

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