Jim Rome just ripped up EliteXC on ESPN

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6/2/08 4:38:49PM
At least ONE person on ESPN actually knows about MMA, considering Rome has had Dan Henderson as a guest and Urijah Faber as a guest in the past. He totally tore into EliteXC and said everything that was mentioned on these forums on national television. He said he wishes that the WEC event was on CBS on Saturday night. Considering this was just aired about 5 minutes ago I don't have a video yet but when I get one I'll post it.
6/2/08 4:46:56PM
I'm not a Rome fan...actually, can't stand the guy. But props to him for knowing what's up.
6/2/08 4:47:12PM
yeah i've always liked Rome's views on the sport
6/2/08 7:11:41PM
Props to Jim Rome for speakin his mind and for the majority of MMA fan's. I 100% agree that the WEC event shoulda been on CBS. Love him or hate him Rome doesn't pull any punches.
6/2/08 7:35:30PM
On a related note, you should've heard LeBAMatard (Dan LeBatard, Miami Herald) on PTI talking MMA & EXC. That at least was more entertaining. (I missed Rome today)
6/3/08 1:11:26AM
http://www.redlasso.com/ClipPlayer.aspx?id=240ba753-30cd-4cfd-981b-1138763bcca7 link to Jim Rome. I agreed with everything he said. Good to see someone in the media backing up mma.
6/3/08 6:23:02AM
Nicely put!
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