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6/2/08 4:59:17PM
After the CBS disaster of Elite XC it has been a big talk on ESPN, i was watching the Jim Rome show and they had Jemele Hill on there who I hate BTW but she and the other guy agreed that the event was like WWE and she said that she only like sports that have strategy in them she said MMA doesn't have skill are u fricking kidding me MMA is one of the most skilled sports out there. Anybody can play football baseball soccer ect. If you got in the cage with a figher and had no experience you would get Koed or submitted in about 7.654 seconds. Dana White needs to tie up a deal soon so they can put on a proper MMA show. The announcers for Elite XC acted like those were the best fighters in the world. Ufc wouldn't mess around with music and entrance crap they would throw the show the right way and not make the sport look like crap. I kinda started like 5 separate discussions here but let me know what u guys think.
6/2/08 5:17:06PM
this was posted a lil while ago
6/2/08 5:32:42PM
It's a shame when someone like Rome allows people who don't know about the sport to discuss it. He certainly wouldn't allow Lebron James to discuss the upcoming Olympics and who's the favorite in the Swimming events. It's actually embarrassing for ESPN to allow people with no knowledge to speak about something they don't understand. This appears to be the common place for ESPN when it comes to MMA. They had some moron on Saturday Night talking about how Kimbo Slice was the most popular fighter in the world and how Elite XC was the biggest promotion as well.
6/2/08 6:08:30PM
just another similarity between soccer and MMA in america.

being a die hard soccer fan I have seen the worst in ESPN soccer bashing, especially with Jim Rome that bastard. And now i gotta deal with the same thing to my second favorite sport
6/2/08 6:12:45PM
Does everyone know Jim Rome is like five foot five? Just thought I'd point that out. I always think about it when he's pissing me off.
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