Jim Miller Set to Face Kamal Shalorus at UFC 128 in New Jersey

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12/30/10 1:04:36AM

Jim Miller is ready to return to action and he will get the chance to fight in his home state of New Jersey when he does. He is set to face former WEC lightweight Kamal Shalorus at UFC 128 on March 19.

The fight was confirmed to MMAWeekly.com by sources close to the match-up on Wednesday, with verbal agreements in place.
12/30/10 1:09:23AM
Welcome to the UFC Kamal.

I guess since Jim Miller isnt the no.1 contender as he is behind Pettis he has to fight or UFC isnt a Jim Miller fan and his 6 fight win streak.

Miller's only losses are by the two LW's who are fighting for the LW title, Edgar(outside UFC) and Maynard both by decision.

Hopefully Miller beats Kamal and possibly gets that title shot.
12/30/10 1:31:23AM
style-wise i love this fight. 2011 is going to be amazing.
12/30/10 11:01:27AM

Miller needs a number 1 contender bout

or the winner of

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12/30/10 12:27:08PM
Miller is a gamer!!
This guy fights a lot in the ufc

With anthony george and jim
How many wins can u get before u get a title shot already
Miller deserves his shot. If he beats shalorus he should be able to leap
Over george.

I am telling u winner of this weekend will be defending it by end of may
Either april toronto or may in vegas. This has to happen
12/30/10 2:12:42PM
Miller is the number one contender , George is great, but Miller has fought several tough fights and deserves to be number 1.
12/30/10 5:59:49PM
Miller is easily in front of Sots, in my opinion. The tear he has been on has been amazing. Shalorus is a warrior, for sure, but he will face destruction at the hands of Jim Miller.

The LW division is crazy these days! If I had my way, and if Miller beats Kamal, he should face the winner of Maynard/Edgar v. Pettis for the title. Then I would put Sots and Evan Dunham in a #1 contender match, providing they win their scheduled fights.
12/30/10 6:52:25PM
The UFC should be locked up for their crime against Jim Miller. Give this poor guy a title shot! He's up for fighting anyone, and he beats anyone not named Edgar or Maynard. Not to mention he just made short work of a fighter some fans were labeling as the next big thing in the division.
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