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Jim Brown 35% (6)
Goldberg 65% (11)
11/11/07 11:22:23PM
You can go one of two ways with this; it's totally up to you. You can tell me who's better or (more likely) who's worse.

Jim Brown commentated in the first few UFCs, and why he did is beyond me. Why would they have a guy with a football background broadcasting MMA? We usually just got color commentary like "Oh, I bet that hurt," and "You, see right there, he's a guy who likes to be on the ground. He's a ground guy."

Goldberg, well, he's a wrestler. He also has a footbal background, but he's a wrestler. A PRO wrestler. The fake kind. I'm not saying it doesn't take athleticism to pro wrestle, but it's not the same thing as MMA. His Elite XC broadcasts are hilarious. But at least he's taken the time to study...Brown couldn't even do that. He just hung out with a baby Maurice Clarett.
11/12/07 12:31:30AM
at least goldberg tries.....but yah when he commentates its fucken hilarious.
11/12/07 12:49:06AM
I voted Goldberg here too. Jim Brown didnt know jack out MMA, but of course back then no one involved with UFC really did (with the exception of a certain dude from Brazil). UFC took him as an announcer for Name recognition and his reputation as being tough as nails.

I voted Goldberg when comparing the two but I really think UFC can do better especially now that they are mainsteam and have the dollars to get top talent. Keep Rogan, damn I love the guy he can say some pretty out there shit every once in a while, but having a top comedian who is super knowlegable in MMA is a winning combination.

IMO Bas and Rogan would be the top broadcasting team ever, we would just have to try and stop laughing long enough to watch the actual fight.
11/12/07 2:58:49AM
I voted Goldberge for the simple fact of saying " I wouldn't touch her with a 25 foot pole ", But my favorite pair was Quadros and Bas
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