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12/11/09 9:16:42AM
Quick results from the women's event today at Shinjuku Face:
Yuko Yamada beat Miyoko Kusaka by unanimous decision.
Misaki Ozawa beat Yumiko Inoue by unanimous decision.
Mari Kaneko beat Rina Tomita by unanimous decision.
Shizuka Sugiyama beat Ko Ozeki by unanimous decision.

Rough Stone GP 2009 Finals:
Under-60kg: Alexandra Sanchez beat Tomoko Morii by submission (armbar) at 3:39 of round 1.
Under-54kg: Mika Nagano beat Yuko Kagoshima by submission (armbar) at 3:56 of round 2. (YESSSSSS! Mika winning really makes my day)
Under-48kg: Asami Kodera beat Kikuyo Ishikawa by unanimous decision.

Shootboxing Rules fights:
? beat ASAKO by unanimous decision (not sure based on translations).
Saori Ishioka beat Sally Krumdiack by TKO at 2:45 of round 1.
12/11/09 12:23:26PM
I will have to watch some of these tonight when I get bored.....I wish women's MMA was easier to watch. It's pretty much only available on S/F or in Japan.
12/11/09 6:12:09PM
I don't know when the fights might be up, I've found a few on YT. Obviously I want to see Mika's fight if I can, she's a real cutie.
12/13/09 2:28:38AM
Mika is a real cutie. Jewels got a couple of pretty girls there. Shizuka, Saori, Sachi, Ham Seo Hee. Shootboxing "Reina" is another one.

I'm hoping Seo Hee continues working her ground game with Dong Hyun Kim. I think she can be a force to be reckoned with.
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