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3/19/10 12:06:29PM
Results from today's (yesterday Japan time) event at Shinjuku Face in Tokyo featuring a hotly-anticipated wrestler vs. wrestler fight in the co-main:
All fights were 2 5-minute rounds.
Sakura Nomura beat Yuko Kagoshima by technical submission (armbar) at 4:35 of round 2.
Miyoko Kusaka beat Kikuyo Ishikawa by split decision.
Hiroko Kitamura beat Celine Haga by technical submissio N(kimura) at 2:04 of round 1.
Miki Morifuji beat Shizuka Sugiyama by unanimous decision.
Mika Nagano beat Mai Ichii by unanimous decision. (Obviously I'm very happy with this one!)
Hiroko Yamanaka beat Hitomi Akano by split decision. Akano is now 1-2 in her last 3 fights, including her April '09 fight against Cristiane Santos where she was cornered by Josh Barnett.
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