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POLL: Who Wins The Fight?
Mai Ichii 40% (2)
Mika Nagano 40% (2)
Draw 20% (1)
2/18/10 10:12:21AM
I know we don't talk much Japanese MMA in here, but Jewels just announced a fight for their 7th event on 3/19 at Shinjuku Face (Tokyo) that I am very excited for: Mai Ichii vs. Mika Nagano. Mai hasn't fought since December 2008 in part because she's one of several fighters who also does wrestling, she currently competes in a small women's promotion called Ice Ribbon. Mika wrestled once in Ice Ribbon but has focused on MMA since, last fighting in September. There's already been some trash talking, namely Mai claiming she will KO Mika with a right hook. Mika naturally begs to differ. I translated comments from them and posted them on my blog (rather loose translation).

Anyway...the tale of the tape:

Mai Ichii
121 pounds/55 kg
3-1 career
Career highlight: 5/19/2008-beat DEEP Women's Flyweight Champion Satoko Shinashi by majority decision in a non-title match. Goal is to face and beat fellow wrestler Kanako Urai (competes as Kana) in a wrestling match

Mika Nagano
115 pounds/53 kg
5-2 career
Career highlight: Won 2009 Jewels Rough Stone GP. Goal is to avenge 2 losses-Megumi Fujii (debut) and Saori Ishioka

The fight is at 52 kg.

Who ya got? Trust me, this is gonna be one you want to see!
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