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7/16/09 5:06:20AM
JT Money has done well in the United States and is now taking his show all over the world. After defeating Rubén Darío on Saturday in Mexico City Taylor will compete this weekend against Korean Judoka Dong Sik Yoon in Japan.

Taylor has won six straight fights since being released from the UFC and is looking for #7. Despite the solid 11-3 record Taylor is best known for his antics after The Ultimate Fighter finished taping when he bashed in a window of a limo and was booted from the competition despite being in the Finals.

Yoon has lost his last two fights after winning five straight. He holds a victory over Melvin Manhoef and lost a decision to Rampage Jackson in 2006.

7/16/09 5:17:25AM
Wow... not a match up I have ever thought of, but really pretty solid. It will be interesting to see how far Taylor has progressed.
7/16/09 5:19:43AM
He might pull a David Gardner mid-fight. "Hello, Japan!"
7/16/09 6:05:03AM
This is a pretty iinteresting matchup.

Jesse has the better wrestling and GnP, but Dong has the Judo..and he is kinda slick on the ground.

I think I may take Jesse by decision, or late tko....but wouldn't be too suprised if Yoon subs him
7/16/09 10:27:21AM
Dong bar all day long.
7/16/09 10:28:46AM
I'm taking Dong. Don't let his losing record fool you, just about every guy he's ever fought is an A-level fighter (guys like Saku, Rampage, Mousasi, and so on) and he's even submitted Manhoef. JT's 3 losses are by tapout too so I think that's where Dong wins.
7/16/09 10:29:52AM

Posted by DCRage

I'm taking Dong.

7/16/09 12:58:43PM
JT Money. Good to see him fighting. I think as long as doesn't get caught in a submission, he should be able to win the fight.
7/16/09 3:47:07PM
no way that taylor can escape the dongbar.
7/16/09 8:52:47PM
Taylor fought Rampage?????
7/17/09 8:25:15AM

Posted by Bloodhound

Taylor fought Rampage?????

no the donger did
7/17/09 8:57:21AM
Funny enough, i got Jt money in a ud so far .
7/17/09 10:38:27AM
good to see him fighting i do think he regrets his mistakes
i hope the ufc will have him again
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