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11/26/12 5:32:25PM
Sore hands and feet are Jesse Ronson's only career roadblocks at this moment.

Ronson believes a recent victory over fellow lightweight Ryan Healy proves he's capable of joining his well-known teammates in the UFC.

"I would like for this fight to put me on the next level, but we'll see how it goes," he told (

Ronson (12-2) dominated Healy (23-12) over three rounds to earn a unanimous-decision win at this past Friday's Score Fighting Series 7 event, which took place at Hamilton Place Theatre in Hamilton, Ontario, Canada. The event's main card, including Ronson's feet, aired on AXS TV.

11/26/12 6:06:27PM
If Healy had a chin of a normal man, Ronson would have had a highlight reel KO about 10 different times. I'd like to see him fight a higher quality opponent before coming in but I can definitely see Ronson on the next Canadian card. Have him fight Akira Corassani or Cristiano Marcello as an entry fight. Bellator would be crazy not to try to sign him to their next LW tournament.
11/26/12 6:22:31PM
I'd love to see Ronson get the call he has impressed me in his last 2 fights. He absolutely destroyed Healy that man is a zombie dude took shot after shot and just kept going I cant tell you how many times I thought he was done
11/26/12 7:21:11PM
Mein looked incredible but Ronson stole the show imo. Like Bubbles said, if Healy didn't have one of the best chins I've ever seen he would have been ktfo on several different occasions. There was a point in the fight where Healy ate 3 or 4 head kicks in the span of 5 seconds. I have no idea how he was able to stand after that.

Ronson is young but I think he's ufc caliber already. He's at least ready for Bellator.