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5/28/10 3:12:05AM
Don't know how many watch Bellator, but there was a nasty injury tonight. Jared Hess was winning the fight and kept going after the injury occurred.

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5/28/10 8:44:41AM

That looks horrible. Looks like everything in the knee was probably torn.
5/28/10 8:52:54AM
Good god... How did that all go down?
5/28/10 10:39:33AM
What a shame..Hess was controlling the fight up until that point.....I let out a shriek when I was watching it last night....I feel bad for him, it was setting up to be a rematch with Lombard.
5/28/10 6:13:30PM
i missed it. what caused the injury? injuries like that are very unfortunate because knees never seem to get back to the way they were befor the injury.
5/28/10 6:19:10PM
Here it is right here, very unfortunate accident.

5/28/10 6:35:20PM
wow, i just watched this on dvr and i had to come see if there was a thread about this

i also shrieked when they took him to the corner, the guy touched his knee, and it became suddenly obvious that one of the most disgusting things to ever happen to a man in mma just occurred
5/28/10 7:16:06PM
Yeah, the doc took him to the stool and barely touched it and his lower leg just slid out backwards like a bird. Pretty nasty.
5/28/10 7:41:03PM
does anyone have a link to where I cant watch Bellator? I didn't catch it last Thursday.

Thanks in advanced.
5/29/10 11:06:20PM
Just watched the replay on fsn. I had to turn away. It was amazing that he kept fighting on and saying he was ok after the ref stopped it. Hess is one tough dude.
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