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6/4/07 5:51:13PM
Reports are now arising that Jens Pulver, one of the coaches on The Ultimate Fighter Season 5, will move to the featherweight division of the WEC after his fight against B.J. Penn this month. Earlier today on the Savage Dog Show on Radio, Monte Cox reported that Jens will make the move down to the 145lb weightclass in the WEC and most likely fight Urijah Faber down the road.

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6/4/07 6:01:45PM
I saw this on MMA weekly. That's good that he is saying this now because if he losses to Penn, it won't like like he ran away and if he wins, it will be a huge draw for the WEC.
6/4/07 6:55:02PM
A fight with Urijah Faber would be amazing. I'm really hyped for his fight with BJ.
6/4/07 6:59:29PM
Yeah, I think Pulver vs Penn 2 will be a great fight.
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