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11/11/07 6:36:29AM
Remember back when Jens was talking about goin over to train with BJ Penn?
I was wondering if that ever happend.
Its wierd because i remember him saying it in post fight previews that BJ had told him he could come to his camp and he said he was plannin on doing it but i never heard any follow up about it.

Any one got sum info about this?
11/11/07 9:48:20AM
I thought I read somewhere that he briefly trained with BJ, but I have no source for the information.
11/11/07 10:02:41AM
Hmmm...I don't even remember hearing that, but it would be great if he did. I think that Jens needs to get away from MFS. That has never been his style, and training with the same camp for so many years makes you stale (why do you think that Hughes and Sylvia aren't champions anymore?).

Jens' only weakness has been his jits. And BJ, well, he's a master of jiu-jitsu. He has some crazy stats in BJJ, like he's the first American to ever win the worlds or something. The only comparable fighter right now in MMA to BJ's jits is probably Matt Serra. He was the first American BJJ black belt (2000 from Renzo Gracie).

Training with BJ could make Jens unstoppable. If he only got some takedown defense, and maybe a little ground game, then he'd run through everyone at 145, except maybe Kid. I wanna see the Pulver/Faber fight. Man, would that be good.
11/13/07 2:26:39AM
actually Pulver was well known everywhere to have one of the best takedown defense in the game but he started slouching on the wrestling department
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