if jens pulver makes it past sub swanson in the wec, urijah faber seems to be in view

MMAPlayground.com » MMA General » General MMA Talk » if jens pulver makes it past sub swanson in the wec, urijah faber seems to be in view
8/12/07 1:36:09AM
this may be urijah's toughest opponent the only person who has beaten him is tyson griffin, but if jens pulver beats cub and goes on to fight urijah, we may see a ufc face as champ in the wec
8/12/07 1:44:01AM
I would highly doubt it.
I'm not even sure he gets past Swanson but if he does, I hope more people think like you so Urijah can get some nice odds. I'm pretty sure Urijah would take Jens to the ground and submit him pretty fast.
8/12/07 1:52:06AM
i dont see jens getting a title shot that fast even if he wins. urijah would beat jens easily.
8/12/07 2:40:30AM
I def see pulver getting the winner of curran/faber if that fight happens. The wec are prob hard just thinking about having the former ufc lw champ face their poster boy. It would be the biggest fight in the history of the organization. They didnt bring Jens in to not give him a big time fight.
8/12/07 5:24:58PM
I Dont Even See Jens Gettin Past Cub

8/12/07 9:41:25PM

I Dont Even See Jens Gettin Past Cub

8/12/07 10:51:07PM
if jens truly has a fire lit under his ass then who knows. if its just business as usual for him it could be a tough comeback.
8/13/07 3:16:43PM
im takin cub over jens but if he wins i don c why he wouldn fight urijah but he fo sho ant gonna win that one...
8/13/07 4:36:04PM
jens will make it past cub he will ko him then after him faber will be in his sights and then we crown a new wec featherweigt champ JENS LIL EVIL PULVER
8/14/07 12:04:19PM
Jens needs a couple convincing wins to build himself back up. His loss to BJ wouldn't have been so bad if Lauzon hadn't absolutely embarrassed him in their pre-UF5 fight. Nobody expected that except maybe Lauzon.
9/4/07 8:54:53PM
i think cub will submit jens fast... hes not wat he was
9/4/07 9:25:31PM
Jens Should have just Stayed at 143 in shooto and boxed professionally on the side when he needed a little extra cash. Feather weight is a good weight for him but at this juncture in his career and life I expect it to only garner mixed results.

That said, Jens was one of the first fighters I genuinely liked and rooted for in MMA and I wish him all the luck and will definitely be screaming my damn head off for him as long as he's around. War Little Evil, give the WEC FW division some scraps they won't believe!