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10/24/07 12:52:19PM
Jens Pulver is recognized as one of the top MMA fighters today, and a very tough guy in the cage. But he also had a very tough childhood and is perhaps fortunate to be alive today.


Excellent column, it's another story that displays how fighters are very different when they're outside the ring or cage compared to when they're inside. Pulver deserves a lot of credit for being willing to open up about his past like he did.
10/24/07 1:06:13PM
His book Little evils a good short read as well. I hope he can muster a few wins and take a run at the wec title before he retires.
War Jens
10/24/07 1:13:44PM
Great article.

I didn't honestly care too much for Jens before he coached on Ultimate Fighter... but that was because I didn't know much about him as a person. I think he's a magnificent guy.
10/24/07 1:17:27PM
I still think Cub will run through him but i gained mad respect and love for the man..
10/24/07 2:27:22PM
great article
10/24/07 2:36:27PM
Awesome article.

I like Jens alot too. I had the honor of meeting him this weekend and he was soo cool. I was surprised too see how he cared about making everyone happy that was there to see him. We were watching him shadowbox on the 2nd floor at the Westin and he seen us watching so he started waving to us and we were going nuts too that he was waving at us, then we get up there to get a pic with him and he couldn't believe we walked up stairs to see him? I'm like C'mon why wouldn't we come up here?

I am going to have to read his book too now that I am very interested in hearing more, even though I'm not the reading type, unless its a short article or newspaper.
10/24/07 3:25:06PM
Pulver is a hard dude not to like.
TUF made it even harder. Penn is one of my favorite fighters of all time but as a person Jens is a much nicer dude.
10/24/07 5:09:42PM
Probably one of the best MMA stories I have ever read. It makes you realize what some of these guys have gone through to get them where they are today.
10/24/07 5:37:37PM
Great read!
10/24/07 5:44:32PM
Wow I did not know he has gone through that many traumatic events. I like to read stories like this because when I am down I can reflect on others in higher places who have gone through sooooooo much more. It raises my chin and gives me a little boost ! Props on this article and props to Jens Pulver !
10/25/07 6:53:04PM
Great article

I really hope things work out for Jens Pulver, he is a great fighter and has had a tough life
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