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12/25/10 11:14:22AM
UFC castoff Jens Pulver (22-14-1) will return to action against an unknown opponent at Xtreme Fighting Organization (XFO) 38 on Jan. 22, 2011. The former lightweight champion hasn't won a fight since Dec. of 2007 and has lost eight of his last nine contests.

Reported by MMA Mania
12/25/10 7:58:33PM
Jens, we all love you. You're a legend in the sport. So please listen to us....

Stop. PLEASE stop. We're tired of seeing you lose. You're past your prime and can't win a fight against someone who isn't a complete can. And even then, it's a coin flip.

We'll always hold you in high regard as the first UFC lightweight Champ and for all the great fights you've given us. But the time to move on was 2 years ago. You're a great commentator. Please just do that
12/25/10 10:10:12PM
Jens has been done for years, I'll admit that, but instead of "UFC Castoff" how about "******* UFC Legend Jens Pulver"
12/26/10 2:57:41AM
It has been five fights since he's made it out of the first round, he's lost 13 times by TKO or knockout, many times to guys that rarely knock people out, and that is what he does best, I don't that it's that he's finished, but he hasn't adapted as the times have changed. Maybe he lost what he had somewhere along the way, he just learned to accept losing, I honestly don't know why he keeps losing by guillotine choke, 3 out of last 4 fights. It's one of the saddest things in MMA, I don't know why more people can't be like Bas Rutten and disappear gracefully,
12/26/10 7:51:28AM
eventually he will win
he probably should have retired a year or so ago
12/26/10 7:50:03PM
Jens really needs to quit. I pray he gets the win and retires on somewhat of a high note. He is the only man besides Frankie Edgar who beat BJ Penn at 155, and as was previously mentioned the first UFC 155 champ. That's a pretty good legacy if you ask me.
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