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11/9/07 10:03:42AM
"Female mixed martial artist Jennifer Tate tested positive for marijuana following her first-round submission loss to Shayna Baszler on Oct. 26's ShoXC card, the California State Athletic Commission announced Thursday.

Tate, 27, has been suspended for three months and fined $500. The Stockton, Calif., native will be eligible to return to the cage on Jan. 24, 2008."


What's wrong with these people. They know they're gonna be tested in california.
11/9/07 10:14:30AM
With all the recent scandals, i have no idea why people think they can get away with it.
11/9/07 1:50:33PM

they think they can do the crap and just take some precautionary measures to get through/around the tests. how dumb do you have to be?
11/9/07 2:04:28PM
yeah i agree... these people are just stupid to do it and try to get away with it...

and what's makes the sport look bad.
11/9/07 10:56:49PM
In a time period when female mixed martial arts is struggling to be taken seriously, this is a bad, bad thing. Sure, male MMA doesn't look great either when this happens, but they aren't going anywhere anytime soon. Just look at what a fuss was caused when Gina Carrano came into her last fight a little bit overweight. You would think the Women's MMA scene was crashing down around us. This can't be any less of a fuss than that was.
11/11/07 2:06:46AM
I had a friend who went to Humboldt college and he swore up in down he never met a person in NOCAL, who denied smoking weed. It's like the AMerican Jamaica or something. I think it just shows some people aren't too bright, that they still do it when they know they are gonna be tested.
11/11/07 2:26:47AM
Ya its a shame, you figure Nick Diaz would be a wake up call to the tokers out there.... leave it till after your fight. Despite what the commison ruled in the Diaz fight it sure as hell isn't going to help you win. And this is coming from a BC dude, smoke is everywhere here, but is recreation man, take it out of the program just like you would alcohol, especially since they test for it and not alcohol (which imo is bull).
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