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7/30/09 11:49:12AM
MMA Heavyweight Jeff Monson has entered an Alford plea on charges stemming from an incident of spray-painting an anarchist symbol on the Washington State capitol. Under an Alford plea, a defendant does not admit guilt but concedes there would be enough evidence to convict if the case went to trial. In addition to paying nearly $22,000 in restitution, prosecutors will recommend 90 days in jail for Monson, who will be sentenced October 1.

7/30/09 12:15:06PM
90 days isnt bad at all, especially for what he did, Id probably get 5-7yrs. Im sure he's sat in the clink in the past, 90 days is a vacation as far as jail goes.
7/30/09 12:16:16PM
The fact that there's apparently a plea deal and taking an Alford plea likely are factors as well, but even though 90 days is the recommendation there's no guarantee that's what he gets. He could get less, but he could get more. It's probably going to be up to the judge.
7/30/09 12:27:41PM

But when you let people take pic/film you while you vandalize the capitol are only asking for trouble haha.

Hope it doesn't effect his NAAFS headlining fight in August or the Rizzo fight in September
7/30/09 12:28:45PM
Because his sentencing is not until October 1, he'll probably be able to fight unless he's not allowed to travel.
7/30/09 12:41:56PM
Im sure he is out under pre trial services which would meen he isnt aloud to leave the county he resides but sinces he is gainfully employed and that requires traveling they will let him go.
7/30/09 6:43:23PM
The Rizzo fight at Bitetti Combat is off. Monson had to surrender his passport today according to Mania.
10/26/09 9:39:24AM
any news on the outcome of jeffs sentencing?
10/26/09 9:45:39AM
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