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POLL: Who taking this fight
The Snowman 66% (23)
The Rock 34% (12)
8/22/07 10:48:42PM
Who the hell is winning this one. I see this fight going many ways. Both have fought great compitition and have had their share of losses and wins against first rate fighters. Career wise Rizzo has more big wins but recently Monson has been having more success. But for as long as the Rock Rizzo has been going around, he still in the prime of his career. This is a very fascinating fight, it can go so many ways. Shed some light, bright jam true.
8/22/07 11:14:08PM
Just gonna go with monson since he's faced better fighters in the last few years. Also figure some MMAth into this... if Rizzo's last win (Eilers) fought Monson's last win (Fujita) it'd be murder.

Still could go either way though, Rizzo is a crafty dude.
8/22/07 11:40:19PM
gotta go snowman great ground game and thats where he is going put it
8/23/07 12:00:06AM
This is an interesting match up

I see Rizzo beating Jeff on the feet and Jeff winning on the ground so I say Jeff wins a UD
8/23/07 12:12:04AM
tough fight im gonna go with recent activit and take Monson because he has fought better competiton recently
8/23/07 9:56:53AM
Monson will probably win because Rizzo isn't the same fighter anymore. BUt if Rizzo shows his true self and brings his sick takedown defence, he'll beat Monson.
8/23/07 11:05:06AM
I got Rizzo... He'll wait for Jeff to come shooting in, and then punish him... and then repeat

8/23/07 11:07:45AM
I think Monson takes it by UD.
8/23/07 11:28:49AM
I'll take the guy who's always walking forward (Monson) over the guy who's always backing up (Rizzo).
8/23/07 12:03:55PM

Posted by fullerene

I'll take the guy who's always walking forward (Monson) over the guy who's always backing up (Rizzo).

Rizzo's a great counter puncher... If Monson wants to walk into it, he's walking into Pedro's gameplan, IMO
8/23/07 1:07:49PM
This could go down as the most boring fight of all time. Sorry, but Pedro is mostly a counter fighter and Monson is a wrestler. It will probably go something like this.

Shot, sprawl, recover, leg kick for about two rounds. Then, shot, takedown, pray and lay. I'll take Monson.
8/23/07 1:08:44PM
Sylvia was able to beat Monson so the whole walking forward and backing up thing doesnt really work.

I will take Rizzo for sure...I think his striking can be deadly and I have confidence in him that he can do enough with his Ju Jitsu to at least neutralize the ground game if not catch a submission.

So I think Rizzo...just a matter of (T)KO...Sub...or Decision
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