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1/19/09 11:32:33PM
In light of Monson's recent troubles with the law I came across this video of Monson getting picked on by some ATT members. Shield your eyes at the 1:50 mark as apparently Jeff goes commando...I'll say no more.

1/19/09 11:50:57PM
Damnit, that's some of the funniest stuff I've seen in a good little while. Props bro.
1/20/09 8:37:08AM
that vid was hilarious, this must be what drove him to the life of a criminal.
1/21/09 3:09:11PM
Monson is one scary dude to be slapping around, watch out for North/South Choke!
1/21/09 5:01:58PM
Thats hilaroius.
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