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POLL: How will tampa bay do? (approx)
16-0 0% (0)
12-4 7% (1)
8-8 64% (9)
4-12 14% (2)
0-16 7% (1)
undecided 7% (1)
4/7/09 2:12:45AM
According to

Winslow is the highest paid TE in the nfl now. He is a great te and should obviously compliment a good QB well. With garcia gone a new young qb will be selected and will step up the game. How does evereyone feel TB will do iin the second toughest division in the nfl?

Carolina had the #1 rusher, Atlanta had the #2 rusher and the #1 rookie QB, NO has the best QB in the game and tampa had a great defense the first half of the season.....I think this is the best division in the nfl
4/7/09 6:18:39AM
Tampa is putting in a new offensive system, new unproven QB, cut a lot of their veteran leaders , and are rebuilding IMO. I will guess 6 -10. Also, I believe the NFC east, followed by the AFC east are tougher divisions. I also think Brady and Manning are definitely better than Bress,and you could make a case for about 5 other guys. I would rank Drew 3rd personally though.The saints defense has also been lower tier for awhile. Carolina is in the midst of losing/trading their best defensive player ( Peppers) and trying to replace their QB. Atlanta will not have a last place schedule this year,and my guess is they go 10-6 at best , but probably more likely 8-8/9-7.
4/7/09 9:19:31AM
For someone who was very drunk and can't even remember typing this I think I did pretty good lol!!!

But yeah I think they will break even at 8-8 or have a losing record and go 7-9. They still need a running game that isn't an embarassment. Also, like Hippy said, it will be a new unproven QB and others so only time will tell how they do
4/7/09 12:16:15PM
I wonder if Garcia and Russell are going to compete for the starting QB job.
4/7/09 11:45:39PM
I think the NFC east is the toughest division in football(as Hippy mentioned)in my opinion.I don't think Tampa should take to long to get things going in the right direction as long as they draft well and utilize free agency intelligently.Honestly,I think they're over-paying Winslow with what they gave him.He's as talented a TE as there is in the league when he's actually on the field playing.
4/7/09 11:47:37PM

Posted by Twenty20Dollars

I wonder if Garcia and Russell are going to compete for the starting QB job.

From what I understand, he's there more to mentor him.
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