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POLL: Do you think monson should come back to the UFC?
Yes 65% (45)
No 20% (14)
I thought Big Tim beat this guy!!!!!!!!!!!!! 14% (10)
4/10/09 11:09:33PM
Sure. Every fighter doesn't have to be a title contender. Get tired of the UFC getting rid of good fighters after a couple of loses in a row.
4/11/09 1:21:31AM
Right on. IMO Monson is light years ahead of Soa Paleli, Eddie Sanchez, Johnny Hendrics, Justin McCully, Dennis Stojnic, Stefan Struve and a lot of others. I dont know if he'll ever grace the octagon ewith his presense again but I hope he does!!!!!!!!!!
4/14/09 10:57:13PM
He's better than %80 of the UFC's roster now.

And the best HWs in the world are not in the UFC anyways.
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