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6/18/07 1:35:12AM
JunCTion's fight picks for - UFC TUF 5 FINALE


PENN-----------------PULVER-------------RND #--2--sub

HUERTA-------------EVANS----------------RND #--1--ko

GARCIA--------------BERUBE-------------RND #--1--sub

LEITES---------------SWORD--------------RND #--2--ko

DIAZ-------------------GAMBURYAN-------RND #--2--sub

LAUZON--------------MELENDEZ---------RND #--2--sub

MILLER---------------WANG----------------RND #--1--sub

MAYNARD-----------EMERSON-----------RND #--J--unan

WIMAN---------------GERAGHTY----------RND #--J--split

Let me know what you think
6/20/07 9:47:49PM
it seems with this new system the only way you can make really good money is to bet on the underdogs. its all new to me, but it seems like a waste to put, lets say $400 on joe L and only make a few dollars

I put $600 on Diaz
and the rest on Pulver and 4 underdogs.
i worked it out so if i get just 1underdog right i'll make more than i can lose on the others.

am i thinking clearly here or am i mest up in the head?
6/20/07 10:10:01PM
I agree with them all, except I think Wiman will submit Geraghty in the 2nd... nice picks.

As far as the betting, I think slow and steady is the way to go. But, what do I know? Im going to bet on the favs, and the occasional dog.
6/20/07 10:24:18PM
slow is right. i dont want to lose it all on the first event. that would suck.

$600 on diaz gets me $521but all the other favs only give $35 or less for every $100 wagered. id rather hope for a big payday from one of the under dogs

BJ "The Prodigy" Penn -310
Jens "Little Evil" Pulver +330
If you win: +$660 to bankroll
If you lose: -$200 to bankroll

Roger "El Matador" Huerta -760
Doug Evans +800
If you win: +$400 to bankroll
If you lose: -$50 to bankroll

Leonard "Bad Boy" Garcia -600
Allen Berube +640
If you win: +$320 to bankroll
If you lose: -$50 to bankroll

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