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6/8/07 12:01:09AM
JunCTion's fight picks for - UFC TUF5 FINALE


PENN-------------PULVER---------RND #--2--sub------ME $-------YOU $

HUERTA---------EVANS------------RND #--1--ko-------ME $-------YOU $

GARCIA----------BERUBE---------RND #--1--sub------ME $-------YOU $

LEITES-----------SWORD----------RND #--2--ko-------ME $-------YOU $

DIAZ---------------GAMBURYAN---RND #--2--sub-----ME $-------YOU $

LAUZON----------MELENDEZ-----RND #--2--sub-----ME $-------YOU $

MILLER-----------WANG------------RND #--1--sub-----ME $-------YOU $

MAYNARD-------EMERSON-------RND #--unan-------ME $-------YOU $

WIMAN-----------GERAGHTY------RND #--split--------ME $-------YOU $

6/9/07 1:14:38AM
bring on the wagers as soon as UFN10 is over
6/9/07 4:37:07PM
Most of those odds aren't fair by any means.
6/10/07 1:44:46AM
The playground is the first time ive had experience betting. i dont know much about odds, so ive pretty much always based them on the playgrounds event picks. also, ive gotten a lot of wagers from members based on those odds. these guys that i picked look like pretty heavy underdogs and its the last event of this first season, so i figured what the heck.

i did also ask for opinions on my odds. but it would help me and im sure some other betting rookies if you gave an explanation or suggestion cause "most of those odds arent fair by any means" doesnt really tell me much. (which ones? why? what would be more fare? why? etc.
6/10/07 8:05:24PM
once the fight night is over and we get our cash i will send some wagers your way.
6/11/07 12:47:43AM

Posted by nellyhiphophead

once the fight night is over and we get our cash i will send some wagers your way.

6/14/07 12:00:51AM
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