JCT FN10 picks - all done! check out 72 picks.

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6/3/07 1:59:02AM
JunCTion's fight picks for - UFC Fight Night 10


FISHER----------STOUT-----------RND #--2--sub------ME $50----YOU $50 cmon lets go!

FITCH------------CARNEIRO------RND #--2--sub------ME $-------YOU $

RADEV-----------MCFEDRIES----RND #--1--ko--------ME $50----YOU $100

TAVARES--------BLACK-----------RND #--split---------ME $50-----YOU $50

FIORAVANTI-----PETZ-------------RND #--2--ko--------ME $--------YOU $

MCCROY---------SPRATT---------RND #--2--ko--------ME $50----YOU $100 cmon lets go!

TIRAU-------------COX--------------RND #--1--sub------ME $--------YOU $

REINER----------BRUNO----------RND #--unan--------ME $--------YOU $

CAULLIDO-------MOHR-----------RND #--1--ko--------ME $50-----YOU $100 cmon lets go!

I'll wager $25 or $50 against predictions for the following fights,

Fisher - round 2 submission
Fitch - round 2 submission
Fioravanti - round 2 knock out
Tibau - round 1 submission

6/6/07 2:30:53AM
Feel free to send fare wagers for any of the other fights.
6/6/07 4:57:15AM
You shouldn't really get 2:1 on Caudillo vs Mohr.
He's not that big of an underdog and considering his record he shouldn't even be the underdog.
6/8/07 12:14:16AM
6/9/07 1:12:13AM
updated wager offers
6/11/07 1:01:14AM
6/11/07 9:26:39AM
where do you want to go? disneyland? lol at enticing wagers by saying CMON

If you send a 2:1 wager to "ACER" (a member of my camp) on the spratt fight he will likely accept quickly

Dunno about this McCrory kid - just seen he is 6'5 tho!!!!!!!!! But imo that just means he is going to suffer Spratts mean leg kicks a bit more!
6/12/07 1:05:57AM
yeah, its corny but everytime i say cmon with only a few hundred left i get more wagers than i have money.
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