JAvier vazquez /lc davis fight not part of wec 42 card

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8/9/09 7:07:05PM
The card started earlier than we were told it would. Consequently this fight was almost over before I knew the picks were still open, and I could lock it . I received over 30 e-mails protesting this, and since I can't tell who cheated for sure, this is the only way to prevent any cheating. I realize some who got the fight right didn't cheat, and also realize its possible the few members who alerted me right after the decision was announced only did it because they got the fight wrong. ,I will now go back to locking all cards at least 4 hours before I think they will start, just to be careful. I know this will make the few last minute pickers angry, and I will continue to get a few e-mails per card of someone who is mad that is was locked before they did their picks. Picks will just have to made a little earlier for all, as it is the best way to insure this doesn't happen again.

8/9/09 7:58:43PM
I woulda had 7 points

I will survive...but barely
8/9/09 8:03:34PM
Works for me. I wanted to pick LC, but ended up going with JV but he lost by SD. Helps me out.
8/9/09 9:11:54PM
lost 7 points because of it, but glad this happened on a fight that is being called horrible judging since it sounds like the guys picking Vasquez deserved the points anyways.
8/9/09 11:51:47PM
Ah, yeah I was wondering why that fight mysteriously disappeared from my picks list.

I had LC Davis by UD but man, if he's getting the win via robbery like the play-by-play suggests, I'm glad this fight wound up getting nixed anyway.
8/10/09 2:09:52AM
I picked Vasquez and he got robbed, He earned that decision
8/10/09 4:43:41AM
Helped me out in picks but I agree with going back to the old rule, it's more fair for everyone.
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