Jason Reinhardt wants Miguel Torres

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6/28/08 12:46:50AM
MMA veteran Jason Reinhardt is eyeing Miguel Torres and World Extreme Cagefighting’s 135-pound division. LINK
6/28/08 1:04:52AM
I don't see Miguel lossing to this guy at all! Miguel has lightning quick hands and great BJJ....Jason Reinhardt not so much of either.
6/28/08 1:45:31AM
woah go from 155 to 135. yeah i havent heard anything about him since he got whipped by J-lau.

I think miguel would maul jason.
6/28/08 2:14:33AM
Reinhardt can't shit that he wants to. It will be even worse then the ass kicking he got from Lauzon.

Miguel as proven himself, Reinhardt has not done a damn thing. Reinhardt should work for it before he talks.

This is a retarded statement from a crap retarded man.
6/28/08 2:19:13AM
Reinhardt beat two more cans since getting dominated by Lauzon. I too, would expect that fight to be over quicker than his fight with Lauzon.
6/28/08 2:31:41AM
haha his record is very good...but thats about it.

he would get TKO'd in the first or submitted...Torres choice
6/28/08 4:28:33AM

Posted by Mayhem13

he would get TKO'd in the first or submitted...Torres choice

Jason would get wrecked. If he even gets the shot its a sham, he doesnt deserve any kinda title shot.
6/28/08 5:08:32AM
6/28/08 6:44:18AM
I have to agree with what everyone else has said. I would MUCH rather see a rematch with Maeda than a fight with Reinhardt.
6/28/08 12:23:00PM
Pretty much a consensus then. Reinhardt, Shhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.
6/28/08 1:55:48PM
Well, that was good for a laugh
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