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10/31/07 1:47:08PM
i hope joe lauzon beats his ass

check out reinhardts record on sherdog

everyone that he fought has only like 1 or 2 fights and he was their first one most of the time
10/31/07 1:54:35PM
You hope Joe beats him for that reason?

There are plenty of guys who have fought in smaller shows aginst fighter they can easily beat its not something to be disgusted at, Horn did it alot as does Fulton, its a way of making a living and staying active, but he is old now (38) and its too late to make it to the big stage, he will likely suffer octagon shock as well as fighting a guy who is better than him in every area
10/31/07 11:01:06PM
in my opinion he is just not that competitive

if u were 17-0 why would u want to keep fighting guys on their debut i think he's afraid of losing
11/1/07 3:14:28PM
I do agree that he has kind of a padded record, but since he is an affiliated member of my school, and is about 50 miles from me I will be hoping the best for him.
11/1/07 3:16:34PM
where is Stickan????? he sent an email to Jordan Breen about this and got it read on his radio show on sherdog, anyway props for that bud im jealous cos i was going to do it but never bothered
11/1/07 5:05:53PM
Same thread

I've had my emails read on air a few times before on Beatdown and SDS but I've always gotten bashed by Sherwood or TJ .
I've brought up topics like
"Tito´s quote ´If you don't like elbows, learn how to defend against them´ is freakin stupid"
"You (Sherdog) were pretty damn slow with K-1 HERO´S Seoul results"
"Where is the HCF coverage!?"

For some reason TJ and Josh think "If you don't like elbows, learn how to defend against them" is a valid argument for elbows.(I'm not against elbows btw.)
Sherwood didn't think 1 day too late was that late when it comes to news and they apparently thought HCF wasn't worth covering despite Aleksander Emelianenko fighting.

I havn't heard Jordan reading my mail yet but he's helped me with a lot of stuff in the past so I doubt I got as bashed by him as by the other hosts
11/2/07 2:25:45PM
Yeah i think i do remember those others bud, with all of them, LOL getting bashed by Sherwood must be rough

Jordan doesnt bash you at all he actually agrees and says Reinhardt will get smashed by J-Lau, he also reminded me of something id forgotten - he was supposed to debut in the UFC against Huerta (who himself was meant to debut against Franca) but injuries stopped that
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