Jason "Mayhem" Miller is back from the woods

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10/23/12 1:29:21PM
10/23/12 2:01:28PM
only made it about 10mins into the interview. what's with the glasses and shaved lines in his hair? oh well, so long mayhem, the sooner he is out of the spotlight the better. i used to be a fan but now he has been coming off as somebody that just wants attention.
10/23/12 2:27:45PM

Posted by tcunningham i used to be a fan but now he has been coming off as somebody that just wants attention.

That's how it's always been for me. in his fight with GSP, I remember him telling some guy to get out of the way he was in his spotlight. From that point on I never really liked the guy
10/23/12 2:45:21PM
I don't care what he says... he has no excuse for what he did the first time on the show. It was bad for MMA and himself. He needs to act more mature.
10/23/12 4:00:42PM
I can't figure out who needs help more, Miller or former WWE Diva Sunny whose been arrested 4 times in the last month. Hopefully they both clean up their acts.
10/23/12 6:02:31PM
He never did really answer the question about what actually happened when he got arrested
10/23/12 6:08:07PM
Mayhem looks so calm and collected...scary stuff.

I loved his fight in Here comes the Boom, the ending of the fight was crazy funny.
10/23/12 8:44:47PM
mayhem had his highlights, i thought he gave shields a serious run for his money when they fought, plus he still has the record for greatest/funniest walkouts. the problem is, is he has taken his wacky personality too far and now people are tired of his antics (including myself)
10/23/12 9:09:58PM
Mayhem is so full of shit. He came up with his church answers off the cuff, especially when pressed. It's good he agreed with come on the show and talk straight up, but he didn't answer anything clearly. It's a real shame, I think there is still some mental stuff going on with him.
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