Jason 'Mayhem' Miller Upset About Being Unaware Of Strikeforce, CBS Ban

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5/3/11 3:43:02PM
May 3, 2011 - I've tried to be sober about criticism of Strikeforce. As an organization with limited financial or logistical capacity, I've found their shortcomings to be as real as they are understandable. However, there's nothing reasonable about the alleged treatment given to Jason Miller during his last year in the Strikeforce. While the controversial fighter and TV host certainly took it upon himself to squander good will from executives, that's a very different concern than being properly informed of his marginalization.

5/3/11 3:54:44PM
I believe him. Mayhem has always came off to me as a decent guy, and I highly doubt he would've waited this long to say something if he knew about it. I still don't understand why he was banned anyway, the post-fight brawl wasn't exactly his fault. Sure, it probably wasn't in his best interests, but I doubt he knew heading into the cage he was going to be jumped for issuing a challenge and trying to gather some heat behind a rematch.
5/3/11 6:24:27PM
If throwing Miller under the bus is any indication of how much balls they had, then it becomes pretty easy to see why the message never made it to Jason.
5/3/11 6:54:03PM
It explains why they'd put him on the shelf for so long
5/4/11 12:41:07PM
Perfect definition of the phrase " being thrown under the bus"
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